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The Executive Conference Center
Park Avenue at Morris County
CBRE Management
Park Avenue at Morris County offers a full conference center with three rooms for tenant's use. Located in Building 100, first floor lobby, across from Cafe 100.

The Executive Conference Center is offered as a complimentary amenity to our tenants.  

One large room   - holds 20-25 people

Two small rooms - each one holds up to 8 people 

Each of the three rooms is equipped with:

  • Large screen TV to use with your own laptop/HDMI cable; without an HDMI cable, a USB or VGA cable can be used.
  • White board
  • Polycom phone
  • WiFi access - To access the CBRE WiFi >click on CBRE >"accept" general terms and agreement > you're in!  No password necessary.

To reserve a room(s), email: or call our office at 973.966.6692.  Reservations are on a first come-first serve basis. 

The conference center is an amenity for our tenants of Park Avenue at Morris County.  The CBRE Management Team will do its part in maintaining and cleaning the entire conference center daily.  

We ask that you do your part as well by following the guidelines below so the rooms are always ready for you or the next group to use!  

 • Leave chairs in their respective rooms. 

• Properly discard cups, bottles, etc., in waste baskets. 

• When catering, please ensure that the food is placed only on the credenzas and glass tabletops. Placing the food elsewhere will cause damage to the wood surfaces. Additionally, please ensure to have all catering items removed at the conclusion of your meeting. 

• Once finished using the rooms, please remove any equipment that belongs to you and leave the room doors open. 

• Do not tape paper signs on any of the glass or wood doors. 

• Do not remove artwork from walls at any time during use. 

• Do not sit in room if you did not reserve it: You can call our office at 973.966.6692 to check the room availability. 

• If any damage is incurred during your use, the management office will make the necessary repairs and bill the tenant accordingly.  

Just a reminder that WiFi is available in the lobbies of buildings 100, 200, 400 and 500. 

• To access the WiFi: 

> click on “CBRE” 

 > click “accept” the “general terms”

 > that’s it, you’re in (no password necessary)!